Journalist and documentary producer. Founder of StoryDoc
an Educational Institute for documentaries, based in Greece
but acting in Southeastern Europe and the Middle East
where it is providing training workshops, pitching forums and
co- production / industry events.
Director of the AegeanDocs International Film Festival.
Member of EDN, the Anna Lindh Foundation. Board Member
of World History Producers and World HistoryMakers.
Former General Manager of ERT and private TV stations.



Working and living at Tampere/Finland. Theatre Manager/Exhibitor of the Arthouse Cinema Niagara and head of the distribution of the Pirkanmaa Film Centre/PEK.
One of the founders of the PEK and working full time since 1985. Arthouse Cinema Niagara is the biggest Arthouse Cinema in Finland showing per annum about 300 different films from all over the world.

Arthouse Cinema Niagara is a member of the Europa Cinemas Network. PEK distributes Finnish documentaries, but also classic films, shorts and all Aki Kaurismäki films in Finland. PEK has won Finnish "Oscars" Jussi-prizes seven times in recent six years.



Marina majored in Literature, with a focus on English. She worked for many years for the Institute of The Encyclopedia Italiana Treccani. She was also a librarian, a teacher as well as a translator and chief editor.

Since 2009, she is President of the Publishing Services Company ID-Cultura, developing her business in Communication and Culture.


Michel NOLL

Born in Cologne in Germany on 10th May 1949, Michel Noll lives in France since more than 40 years. After reading Economics and Sociology at Cologne University, he became a Filmmaker when, in 1977, he joined TELECIP in Paris, the then leading French independent production company.

Today, he has close to 200 films to his credit and runs Paris-based ICTV, specializing in geopolitical documentaries, social issue films and discovery programs.

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Jiann-Yuh WANG

Born in Taiwan, Jiann-Yuh has grown up in Switzerland, Iran and Brazil, then studied in France.

He graduated from Ecole normale supérieure and from the philosophy faculty of Sorbonne University.

He worked as teacher, journalist and documentaries producer, and has translated several Chinese novels in French.

For 15 years, he has been active in the promotion of economic and cultural ex-changes between France and China, as director of Comité France-Chine and Fondation Victor Segalen.



During her masters at the Institute for political studies in France, she specialised in French nonprofit organisations. Following a scholarship opportunity, she grew interested in China, where she stayed in the Henanese city of Dengfeng between 2012 and 2014.

There, she supported a civil society project to foster and train kungfu to children from impoverished backgrounds.

The project developed alongside the international
NGO Save the Children, as well as a network of embassies in Beijing.

She subsequently moved to the UK, where she graduated a MSc Politics of China from SOAS, University of London, with a special focus on Chinese nonprofits.

She currently lives in Brussels, where she's involved in various
organisations of the local civil society.


Tamara LUI

After Growing up in China, she graduated from secondary school in Hong Kong. At the age of 19, she left the island, still under British rule at the time, and came to France to study filmmaking.

Entering by chance the world of journalism, she worked for more than 4 years at Phoenix Satellite Television as a European journalist.

From 2008 to June 2014, she headed the Paris office of
the Sing Tao Daily newspaper with headquarters in Hong Kong.
Since June 2014, she collaborates with several different Chinese media.


Francesca FRIGO

Francesca Frigo studied cinema in Rome, where she was born. She worked in fiction films, camera department, before developing passion for documentaries. So, working as a filmmaker on a documentary for Italian television, she moved to Turin, where she lives since 2007.

There, she manages a film production company,BabyDoc Film, directing films, whether documentaries or fiction, with a very tight involvement with reality.

In 2013 she directed "Sanperé! – Great Thunderbolts", a documentary about a group of African refugees, escaped from Libya after the fall of Gaddafi fall.


Markus NIKEL

Markus graduated at Hamburg university and lives in Italy since many years.

He is a global Media Expert, and as such is a Senior Consultant to international institutions.

He works on International Cooperation Projects in Television and Crossmedia, for clients like RAI CUL TURA , COPEAM, GZDOC and others.


Dominique MAGNY-ROUX

Dominique was born in Provence. After graduating from Marseille
Business School, she studied Chinese language in Taipei and
Worked in Taiwan for a few years. Afterwards, she studied history
of art and museology in Ecole du Louvre, and obtained a Master in
Chinese Studies from Paris-Diderot University. She has lived in
New York and Hong Kong, now in Paris again, working as literary
Translator (especially Chinese contemporary novels) and consultant
In intercultural exchange, mainly for the movie industry (promoting
sino-european coproduction projects).

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Qin WU

Après un master en Langue Etrangère Appliquée à l’Université
des Langues et Cultures de Pékin, Qin part en France poursuivre
un cursus en Conduite de Projet Culturels à l’Université Blaise
Pascal de Clermont-Ferrand. Elle rejoint ensuite Paris et travaille
pour la librairie Le Phénix spécialisée dans la culture asiatique.
En parallèle elle mène des missions de médiation culturelle pour
la mise en valeur d’auteurs et de réalisateurs chinois.
Nouvellement installée en Suisse à Lausanne son prochain projet
pourrait être de lancer la première édition romande du Festival
« Ecrans de Chine ».

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